Karen Rogers, a professional leading jockey at the New York tracks, was one of the first successful female jockeys. In her book, Racing With My Shadow, she tells her personal journey to overcome the negative results of childhood sexual and emotional abuse by becoming an accomplished athlete. The abuse drove her to the top of the thoroughbred racing industry at the age of sixteen, but also brought her to the depths of despair as she suffered from eating disorders, alcohol abuse, a toxic marriage, and suicide attempts. While she was the leading female jockey in the country, she also broke her back four different times, not unusual for a jockey. In 1981, she died and had an out-of-body experience from a racing accident in Saratoga. In 1990, a spill ended her career. After divorcing her successful but drug addicted husband, she started writing about her past and discovered the truth—that she had been manipulated as a child into believing her mother hated her and that she was bad. At that time, twenty-seven years ago, she was completely set free from alcohol, bulimia, and suicidal thoughts. In 1993, she had a son and, as a single mom, homeschooled him from second grade through high school. She lives in New Jersey with her Rottweiler and five cats.During her racing career, the author was on Late Night with David Letterman, The Donahue Show, Howard Cosell’s SportsBeat, ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show with Jane Pauley, CBS’s Thirty Minutes, ABC’s Superstars, and other television programs. Featured in US magazine, People magazine, Family Circle, Teen magazine, and many other popular publications, she was also published in the New York Times.

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