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This native Californian often jokes that he “just woke up” a few years ago. In doing so, he experienced a significant paradigm shift in his thinking. And that awakening has made him deeply aware of the imminent and dangerous transition that is about to be thrust onto the United States and the World.

Events have brought mankind to the pinnacle of history. Whether it’s a certain global financial collapse, a Sun going wild, UFO’s, an interloping planet in our solar system, increased interdimensional and demonic activity, or Israel being at the center of World War III… Daniel has joined the myriad of voices in warning of the approaching danger.

But his is not simple conspiracy theory or alarmism. He has formed his opinions based upon the facts – however uncomfortable those facts may be.

This former financial and business expert collates individual pieces of information and synthesizes them to see if there are any connections. Then he takes those clues to his audience and conveys his findings in story form or casual conversation.

His goal is to give the average and busy person, understandable counsel so they can prepare.

This mindset is also born out in his stories. Seldom heard truths provide an interesting backdrop for his books. Their content is designed to educate as much as entertain.

But his is also a supernatural journey. In his first book, his characters discovered the God Particle, more than a year before CERN did. In his second book, he spoke about an Islamic terrorist organization called ISNW rising up out of Syria, declaring a Caliphate, who was bent on world domination – Three years before anyone ever heard of ISIS.

In his latest thriller released last year, he spoke about how the Pope called for an global and interplanetary governing organization and how he would become a spokesperson for it – Just like Pope Francis did last month.

Daniel is quick to tell anyone who will listen that these are God’s warnings to His creation about the things that are coming upon the earth, and the Storm of Our Own Making.

He says that his books are not designed to be “religious” or faith based. But he’s been a Believer in Yeshua, Jesus, for more than thirty years. As a result, his stories naturally evolve out of his worldview which was changed forever when he came into a real relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

He is the host of Hebrew Nation Radio’s, Prepare The Way as well as a frequent guest on various other shows. He has written several articles and speaks publically whenever invited.

These days, Daniel, his wonderful wife of over thirty years and his beautiful teenage daughter live in rural America. He is currently working on several projects, in addition to a series sequel.

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