David M. Zuniga


Believing that the Internet gives Americans an opportunity to finally be the self-governing sovereigns demanded by the U.S. Constitution, David wrote the first draft AmericaAgain! Declaration in 2007, then spent 14 months refining the document with the help of constitutionalist and radio show host Mike Church, and legal scholar Edwin Vieira Jr, author of many books including Pieces of Eight, the two volume, 1700-page definitive legal history of the U.S. Dollar, and The Sword and Sovereignty, the 2300-page CD-ROM definitive treatment of the history and constitutional law surrounding the Militias of the Several States.

David grew up on the Big ‘O’ Ranch near Laredo, raising cattle just 50 miles from the Lazy ‘G’ Ranch belonging to Jeff Bezos’ maternal grandfather, where Jeff spent his summers. David was a graduate of the University of Texas (BS, Architectural Engineering) and registered professional engineer designing commercial buildings for 28 years. He was part owner of commercial construction, concrete, air conditioning, and real estate development companies, a custom homebuilder, and founded Heritage Schools, a non-profit that planted four classical Christian K-12 schools in three states.

With his elder brother as Trustee, David established AmericaAgain! Trust in 2009, then wrote This Bloodless Liberty in 2010, conveying his vision for the revolutionary Christian perpetual trust and membership organization to arrest D.C. organized crime even with only half of 1% of the population as members.  His 2015-16 book FEAR The People is the detailed action manual for the mission, his 2017 book Mission to America is the 8-week boot camp edition updated for the Trump era, and his 2020 book A Republic to Save is a compendium of essays explaining how every major crime and corruption of our day can be arrested by We The People, living out TACTICAL CIVICS™.

Contrary to doomsday prophecies, David believes that TACTICAL CIVICS™, plus the force-massing power of the Internet and social media, with the bedrock of Christ and the Constitution make America the most exciting, blessed experiment in human civilizations — and that we have the exciting opportunity to restore our Constitution, God again using America to demonstrate His love to a world without hope.

David has been a guest on Infowars Nightly News and many radio programs across America, and his blog articles appear on blogs, forums, and alternative media from coast to coast.

David’s daughter and her excellent husband have given him six grandchildren; his tribe is dedicated to “No king but King Jesus!”; to fear God, and fear no man.

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