David Stockman


David A. Stockman is the ultimate Washington insider-turned-iconoclast. He began his career in Washington as a young man and quickly rose through the ranks of the Republican Party to become the director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan. After leaving the White House, Stockman had a 20-year career on Wall Street.

He has a reputation for zesty financial straight talk that defies right- and left-wing boxes while cataloguing both as corrupters of sound money, fiscal rectitude and free markets. He’s the editor of David Stockman’s Contra Corner, a subscriptionbased daily news and commentary service, and Bubble Finance Trader, a premium financial research publication. Stockman was born in Fort Hood, Texas. He received his B.A. from Michigan State University and pursued graduate studies at Harvard Divinity School. He lives in Aspen, Colorado, with his wife, Jennifer Blei Stockman. They have two daughters, Rachel and Victoria.

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