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The Death of Liberty: The Socialist Destruction of America’s Freedoms Using the Income Tax

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David Thomas Roberts


2xMonuments founder David Thomas Roberts is an entrepreneur, inventor, political columnist, bestselling author, and cattle rancher. Roberts founded a telecom technology firm based on a software idea he created and was awarded a U.S. Patent for it. That firm is now a multi-million global consulting firm that created an entire industry. Roberts is still the CEO of the company. He has also founded Defiance Press & Publishing, an independent conservative publishing company.

David founded a political PAC, Texans for True Conservatives based on candidates taking the PAC’s conservative pledge. He is a supporter of the originalists in Constitutional matters and believes the government is too centralized, too large, and fiscally irresponsible.

A staunch defender of capitalism, Roberts advocates for Free Enterprise and small business owners – the backbone of the U.S. economy. Roberts is currently working on a new business venture and will launch a new company, Wealtheo in October 2020 which combines financial literacy, personal finance, and a business opportunity.

His 650-acre Texas ranch, Brushwood Rose breeds registered Texas Longhorn cattle.

Roberts lives in Montgomery, Texas with his wife of thirty-six years, has four adult children and five grandchildren.

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