Diamond and Silk


Lynnette Diamond Hardaway and Rochelle Silk Richardson are biological sisters from North Carolina and are Video Vloggers, Internet Sensations,  Influencers, the host of The Viewers View, and Diamond and Silk Chit Chat live. They Currently Work as Contributors on Fox Nation and are known for their funny and upbeat Political Commentary, their rhythm and rhymes such as Stump for Trump and Ditch and Switch and their out spoken and loyal support for President Donald J Trump.

Standing with the silent majority, the Duo rose to prominence in 2015 receiving media attention for their support for President Donald J Trump and created a video calling out journalist Megyn Kelly for asking ignorant questions during the first Presidential Debate which made Drudge and went VIRAL.

As Conservative women they voice their opinions about media bias, political babble, and repetitive political tactics that Americans are tired of being subjected to.  Diamond and Silk host their Chit Chat Live show where they candidly tell you exactly how they view modern day topics appearing anywhere and across various platforms, using a common sense approach without the use of the political correctness so prevalent in modern day media.  Diamond and Silk speak their minds 100% without sound bites, and often right from the heart, because to do anything less would be an injustice to the supporters with whom their message resonates. 

Politics and Appearances
September of 2015, Diamond and Silk Switched their Political Party from Democrat to Republican to Vote for Donald J Trump in the Primaries and the General Election.

After switching their political party to Republican they started the Ditch and Switch Now Movement urging other Democrats to switch their party to Republicans to Vote for President Trump in the primaries and general election.  The movement garnered Media Attention when reports came out that over Forty-Six Thousand Pennsylvanians Switched their political affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

December 5, 2015, Diamond and Silk Meet Donald J. Trump for the first time and he invites them onto his stage at his Rally in Raleigh North Carolina

January 2016 Diamond and Silk opens up for Donald J Trump at a Rally in Biloxi Mississippi and goes on to open up for many more during the 2016 Election year

April of 2016 -Diamond and Silk started the Women United 4 Trump Movement

June 2016– Women United 4 Trump Rally Held in Bradenton Florida

July 2016– Diamond and Silk attended the RNC Convention

August 2016- Diamond and Silk goes on The Women for Trump Tour with Lara Trump, Katrina Pierson,  Lynn Patton and Omarosa Manigult

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