Dirk Vander Zee


Dirk Vander Zee has a master’s in economics from Baylor University. He has 7,000 hours Commercial Pilot / Multi-Engine aircraft.

Dirk is a member of the “Billion Dollar Club” — Corporate Jet Salesman for 18 years. Additionally, he sold Turbine and Piston aircraft for 12 years.

Dirk Vander Zee is a Global traveler (Australia 4x, Europe 10x, China 1x, So. America 4x) He is a Motorcyclist and Glider Pilot. Dirk enjoys Open Water / Nitrox Cert Scuba Dive with over 100 dives. Dirk joins us to discuss Bible Prophecy as he has been a teacher for 20+ years. Today we are going to tie together numerous loose ends regarding the Coronavirus, 5g, government surveillance and the future of the US Dollar.

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