DJ Welsh


My background is in system & network engineering & I left my current job in the gaming industry last year to pursue a challenge to make a difference in a world where right is wrong, up is down, truth is lies. Level9News will provide a protected platform to accelerate “The Awakening” humanity is experiencing world wide.

I believe it is essential to keep the channels of truth and information open to continue to raise the consciousness of humanity so we don’t wake up one day and wonder how we became enslaved to a global totalitarian government.

The site will have some of the look and feel of YouTube, without the censorship. People will be able to form their own forums and communities based on like-minded interests as well as geographical location. A comments forum will be provided for each content item posted. Here a forum is provided for ‘group think’ to address potential solutions to the problems we as civilization are facing.

Some of the site’s topical categories will include:

Topical News & Information Categories (Articles, Videos, Radio Podcasts):


Gulf of Mexico
Aerosol Spraying
Weather Warfare
Climate Disruption

Human Health

Break Away Civilization
Hegelian Dialectic (False Flags)
Fall of America

The Awakening

Dot Connecting
Global Awareness
Human Consciousness
Origins of Humanity
Free Energy


Whistle Blowers (double proxied server)
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Development Contribution & Contributor Acknowledgment

A modest subscription fee will be required to post various types of content in order to pay the monthly hosting and disk storage fees for the site, however the site and all of it’s content will be freely available to anyone with access to the web.

Are you one of the tens of millions of people who have figured out there is something very wrong with the world we are living in? Help be part of the solution.

“You can’t fix the problems we face using the same tools that created it…”

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