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Strangers In The Oil (published August 2018), Divorce of the Heart (manuscript only); Numerous articles for and addressing the false church system and false brethren. Various video/articles on my “Song of the Bride” Youtube channel, including “Forsaking the (True) Assembly”, “Our Modern Day Pastor Masters”, “Faith or Presumption”, and several video messages on the Supernatural Bible Changes, History of the King James Bible. I’ve published numerous video articles based on my book Strangers in the Oil, documenting the history, ideology, methodology, and clear pagan roots of modern medicine. The evidence shows why God cannot perform healing miracles if medical doctors are involved.

Dolly Webber


Dolly Webber grew up in a conservative Christian family and began a personal relationship with Jesus at the age of five.

Dolly always pursued Truth, learning at a young age to dig deep in order to find truth in life, history and the Bible. Since then she also grew to ubderstand that one can expect to pay a price for exposing that which is true and accurate in a time of corruption and universal deceit.

Dolly Webber went to Wheaton College and majored in philosophy and music performance. She has seven grown children and several grand children. After retiring from a position as an audio-video-lighting integrator, Dolly began to research and write from her home in Springfield, Missouri.

Dolly Webber joins us today to expose one of the most underreported issues facing the Christian Church today: is the King James Bible being altered in real time? Is it possible that either demonic activity or dark science is compromising what we have all been taught is the enerrant Word of God?

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