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Donald Gibson

71L1KrOWLMLBattling Wall Street: The Kennedy presidency

Was JFK the tool of the Eastern Establishment, or was he its bitterest enemy? Don Gibson challenges the conventional wisdom and asserts, with powerful support from Kennedy’s own words and actions-and those of his enemies-that Kennedy was always on the side of economic, political and social progress. To achieve his goals of government for the people, JFK crossed swords courageously and vigorously with the real centers of power. They punished him with the ultimate sacrifice – his own life, and fifty years of crushing defeats of our American ideals. In this intriguing and penetrating analysis, Gibson looks at what JFK himself said, wrote, and did, contrasting that with the words and actions of his enemies-the Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, and the corporate and banking magnates themselves, who, as this book shows, truly despised the President. Conventional wisdom depicts Kennedy as a cautious president committed to the status quo and to the Establishment. This book makes a compelling case to the contrary, showing that President Kennedy was always willing to do battle for his progressive policies, even in the face of vicious attacks. With its clear and lively style, this book is a revelation to the general reader and to the specialist, opening the way to a new understanding of the meaning of Kennedy’s legacy.

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