Douglas Stearns


DOUGLAS “D.B.” STEARNS, Author of the SciFi series Harmonic Wars, is a happily married

father of five. He and his wife are also very proud grandparents. D.B. is a resident of the great state of Texas.

He entered the Air Force in 1983, and retired at Scott AFB, Illinois 20 years later. After a short tour overseas as a logistics manager for a contracting company during the Iraq war, D.B. became an IT project manager for a defense contractor.

In 2011, D.B. retired from the IT industry when he was inspired by a television special on the Great

Pyramid of Giza and was fascinated by the advanced engineering built into the pyramid. His research

of many ancient, mysterious sites greatly influenced the rich storyline that unfolded in front of him.

D.B. signed on with 3L Publishing and began to write the Harmonic Wars series, which can be found

online at

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