Dr Bill Deagle


Dr Bill is a teacher and lecturer in the American Academ of AntiAgingMedicine, AntiAging Medicine, and Advancement in Medicine. He hosts The NutriMedical Report with Michelle Deagle for the last hour of the three hour show, Mondays to Fridays, with Michelle asking health and wellness questions on Fridays.  

He has worked with high level security on US Gov’t facilities in Colorado, including NORAD, USSpace Command, Forensic Team from Alfred P. Murrah Oklahoma Bldg, and many other tier one scient classified projects, such as Biosecurity Simulation of Operation Top OFF and Dark Winter for Radiological and Bioweapon Terrorism Logistics with the CDC, FBI and U of Colorado Infectious Disease, Rocky Flats and Superfund Sites and much more.  

whistle blower for OKC 1995, 911 Demolitions, Drug Activities of CIA and FBI and Dept of Justice, Globalism, and The Virtual World Project aka M.A.R.K. world biometric money systems primary node at Schriver AFB, Falcon, CO.  He is an environmentalist active against vaccines, GMO foods, Climate Change MisScience,  and Smart Meter and WiFi Scalar non-thermal dangers to people and buildings, and insects such as pollinating bees.  He provides free email or phone consults and will contact by SKYPE free to provide Health Advice and Protocols including Functional and Convential Testing to validate healing and recovery from complex medical conditions…

All the media center videos from LiveStream, YouTube and Wellness Conditions are free to members who purchase products from Dr Bill.   The show covers Geopolitics, Astrophysics, Earth Changes, Volcanism, Climate Change, Pollution, Earthquakes, Near Earth Space Objects, Christian and Hebrew Believers in the Way of EmmanualYeshua aka Jesus and corrects heresey issues in the public religions and culture.  He welcomes calls on topic to his RBN Republic Broadcasting Show 12 Noon to 3 PM CST, Mondays to Fridays, screened by question and point of comment. 

Check out all the advanced protocols, medical grade advanced genetically activated formulas, and evidence based testing and biophoton diagnotics.

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