Dr. D.L. Berkson MA DC CNS DACBN ACNBerkson is a thought leader in functional medicine, with an emphasis on hormones, nutrition, digestion, and intimacy. A best-selling author, she wrote one of the first breakthrough books on endocrine disruption (Hormone Deception, McGraw-Hill), the first gut/body/mind nutrition book (Healthy Digestion the Natural Way, Wiley), and one of the first books to show how hormones lean on nutrients and healthy gut function (Safe Hormones, Smart Women, Awakened Medicine Press). Now three of Berkson’s well-known books converge in your bedroom as she presents a new problem—environmental castration—and its solution in her latest book: Sexy Brain.Berkson has taught, for thirty-five years, relicensing seminars for decades to professionals (MDs, pharmacists, chiropractors, NDs, acupuncturists, nutritionists). She formulated the first female nutraceutical line for physicians in the U.S. (Metagenics FEM LINE). She and Dr. J.V. Wright hold a patent on bioidentical hormones, including the nutrients that keep them safe. She was a hormone scholar at a world-renowned estrogen think tank at Tulane University (Center for Bioenvironmental Research) where she worked with top scientists in the world on hormones, health and the environment.Berkson has hosted radio shows for many years, such as the Wiseman Family Practice Health hour in Austin Texas. She hosted the Berkson Nutrition Hour at KEST in San Francisco and had a monthly column in the San Francisco Chronicle in the 1980’s. Presently Berkson hosts the Dr. Berkson’s Best Health Radio Show. This well recognized podcast discusses emerging perspectives and controversies on healthy care, hormones, the environment and all aspects of life management in frenzied world. The show is a mingling of solo dialogue along with interviews with respected authorities like Drs. Alan Gaby, David Brownstein and MIT’s senior scientist, Stephanie Senna PhD.Berkson has a master’s in nutrition with three higher board certifications in nutrition. She co-invented one of the first botanical/pharmaceutical combination drugs and has collaborated and published peer review original research on dialysis and nitric oxide, with The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. She is a research fellow of the prestigious research institute Health Science Collegium.Berkson consults with people all over the world and works with integrative team medical practices, combining medicine with science-based nutrition and hormonal strategies. Dr. Lindsey is known for her connect-the-dots approach to science and introducing breakthrough health issues to the public, and then strategizing unique but safe, natural answers. She has pioneered the concept of green pregnancies and the unappreciated role of hormones and the gut.

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