Dr. David & Kim Dortch


I am the wife of David Dortch political prisoner being held for the exercise of free speech including political speech. My husband and family have been targeted by local law enforcement and retaliated against for filing a civil rights lawsuit 6 months prior to any criminal charges being filed against my husband. This all started when our then 12 year old was arrested for grafitti in our neighborhood and then 5 weeks later law enforcement fabricated felony level “tagging” charges against our son to obtain a false on its face search warrant of our home via a SWAT style raid that lasted 7.5 hours. Law enforcement set up a lab and then stated my husband had done it and endangered our children. All this said “evidence” has now been destroyed by the same members of law enforcement that set it up in the first place. My husband has never manufactured drugs for sale or distribution or endangered our children. He did not knowingly violate his bail bond and has now been arrested for felony violation of violating that bond and is being held on zero bail with his cases on hold until psychiatric evaluations can be done as the “appointed public defender” thinks my husband must be crazy to question the authority of the state or their presumption that he is a child of the state under parens patriae.

To support the Dortch family and continue this vital fight, please send donations through PayPal to: david.dortch@gmail.com


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