Dr. Gilbert Levin


Founder and CEO, Biospherics Research Inc.; Adjunct Prof. Beyond Center, Arizona State University; Honorary Professor University of Buckingham Center for Astrobiology.

An engineer-scientist, Gilbert Levin has researched a wide array of disciplines in environment, microbiology, health and space.  He was NASA 1976 Viking Mission Experimenter for the Labeled Release life detection experiment that obtained positive evidence for extant microbial life on Mars.  He also was a Team Member on the IRIS experiment on NASA’s Mariner 9, and on the MOx experiment aboard the Russian 1996 Mission to Mars.  His 50 U.S. patented inventions include low-calorie sweeteners, therapeutic drugs, methods for the rapid detection of microorganisms, measurement of biomass by ATP assay, safe-for-human pesticides, and wastewater treatment processes for biological removal of phosphate and nitrate, and enhanced BOD reduction.  He is currently a Co-Investigator on the HABIT experiment scheduled to be launched on the ESA ExoMars Mission in 2020.

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