Harry Milman


HARRY A. MILMAN is a PhD toxicologist and expert witness and president of ToxNetwork.com. His wildly successful political thriller, A Death at Camp David, was enthusiastically praised by nonscientists and scientists alike for incorporating forensic toxicology into a captivating and suspenseful plot with a big surprise ending. His newly published novel, SOYUZ: The Final Flight, is a captivating, page-turning science fiction/space exploration thriller that tells what happens when a disgruntled astronaut on board the International Space Station decides to get revenge. As an expert witness, Dr. Milman assisted in over 250 civil, criminal, and high-profile cases involving drug overdoses, pharmacy errors, toxic chemicals, carcinogens, and assaults. Before becoming an expert witness, Dr. Milman was a research scientist at the US National Cancer Institute, NIH, and a senior toxicologist at the US Environmental Protection Agency. His scientific publications include over seventy articles and five books including the highly acclaimed Handbook of Carcinogen Testing. He resides in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC.


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