Dr. John Apsley


Dr. John Apsley is a physician, author and researcher who for the past 30 years has specialized in Integrative Regenerative Medicine (IRM).

His cutting-edge techniques are designed to reverse chronic degenerative disease through accelerated tissue repair and cellular regeneration.

Dr. Apsley has spent a life time documenting how this decay occurs due to(A) severe soil mineral deficiencies and (B) global pollution. For example, according to the National Cancer Institute, up to 90% of cancer is caused by the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. The solution is to remineralize our soils with full-spectrum healthy minerals and to remove pollutants from our food chain.

Dr. Apsley discovered over 30 years ago that all long-living cultures were high-on-life because they do not even start their aging process until they reach 90 years of age. He studied how all these remote cultures thrived upon the pillars of a pristine environment,an optimal food chain and spiritual maturity.

He noted how the diverse cultures all transmitted wisdom continually down to future generations especially at the family meal tables. They all generated powerful energy levels to take on any challenge through living a regenerative lifestyle. This illustrates how cultures thrive verses merely surviving.

Dr. Apsley has been repeatedly pointing out that without these pillars supporting our way of life, all of us become lost. We have only to look at our misguided modern health care system. Americans as of 2010 spent $8,000 per person for health care annually, yet ranked 40th in over-all health! And our official health statistics report virtually none of our citizens experience true, long-lasting health. On the other hand, the long-living live virtually disease-free, have few if any doctors, and no hospitals. They all use Four Pillars to maintain exemplary health.

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