Dr. John Fuller


John Fuller, Ed.D., is a diversity champion with over 26 years of diversity and EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) experience. Currently the Chief Employee Engagement Educator with the Department of Veterans Affairs, he was the former Director of Workforce Diversity and EEO for Johns Hopkins Hospital. He holds a Doctor of Education, Master of Science in Business Ethics, Master of Science in Community Leadership and Master of Arts in Education. He is a retired U.S. Army Major and was a U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant during the Vietnam-era, with over 22 combined years of active duty military and numerous military awards. John created the first federal race relations dialogue using the World Café method with profound successful results with 14 sessions so far in Department of Veterans Affairs facilities in Detroit, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Vancouver, and Portland with nearly 30 scheduled for 2017. Fuller is a recipient of the prestigious Johns Hopkins Institutions’ Martin Luther King Community Service Award in recognition for his extensive community service contributions and involvement. He was a girls soccer coach for 18 years at both competitive club and high school levels. He is married to his wife Christine of 35 years and they have two children, Stephanie and David, and one granddaughter, Jane. For more information.

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