Dr. Leunis van Rooyen


Dr Leunis van Rooyen PhD is a registered Specialist Wellness Counsellor.

Doctor of Philosophy, Natural Medicine and certified facilitator with assessment for optimal metabolic health at the forefront, as well as the preparation, promotion and maintenance of an enriched quality of life.

His vocation consists of engaging in existential counselling; which is applicable to the clinical need for holistic well-being; with a body-minded and mind-integrated approach.

Counselling addresses life issues; whether for health, weight management, trauma and / or prolonged stress, a need for relief and / or discomfort from pain and suffering. Accordingly, counselling addresses all levels of being human. In this way, individuals again find the most important motivating factor to live, retain, as well as to find value in experiences and creativity. For many people, their current situations are full of chronic pain and discomfort – thus concentrating on the value of a meaningful existence, as well as helping them to look optimistically to the future.

By already addressing genetic predispositions for individuals with Nutrigenomics through counselling, Dr. van Rooyen also concluded studies through HARVARD Office of Technology Development in CRISPR based gene therapy. Such considered describing applications for CRISPR gene editing tools on the human genome: CRISPR-Cas system depends mainly on guide RNA and CRISPR-associated nuclease.

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