Dr. Sabrina F. Zuniga


Dr Sabrina Faust Zuniga is an American who grew up in Ohio and Missouri and relocated to Toronto over 15 years ago. She holds a doctorate degree in Higher Education and ran on the Federal level as a Conservative, near her home in Toronto, Canada. She is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Truth and Consequences.ca, a website dedicated to presenting the conservative perspective in an non-antagonistic manner. Truth and Consequences.ca tackles world and cultural events with tools designed to inspire dialogue between parties who are at war with each other, ideologically.

Dr Faust Zuniga has transformational, government relations, strategic direction, entrepreneurial, and governance expertise in SMEs and NFP sectors. She advises organizations going through growth, change, starting up, or trying to stay current. 

Sabrina has a passion for thoughtful, intelligent discussion and inquiry, along with expansive thinking. She works from the perspective that learning and discovery never stop.  She believes that when faced with issues of the day, social media memes might be fun, but they will never capture the full story. It is through exploration of interesting topics and conversation with our neighbors and through the lost art of discussion and listening that we learn more and begin to develop richer, proper and workable conclusions leading to real life solutions.

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