Elias Alias


I am an old coot who lives in a rented square log cabin in the forests of northwest Montana, USA. The log cabin has an upstairs floor with a nice bath and sleeping quarters. Deer, squirrels, and birds visit daily to entertain my two house-cats, (Opie and Black Alias), who love their walks with the old man through the high-country woods.  Chasing each other up and down trees or around boulders or through the brush makes them happy and content, and they sense that the wolves, bears, or mountain lions will not harm them while the old man is with them.

Yes, I walk my cats the same way normal people walk their dogs.  But there is a difference. The course is erratic and changes direction instantly as the two blythe spirits enjoy their bouts of chase and tag. Oddly, as the old man walks the trails, the two mischief makers seem to always be in his immediate periphery — not that they are following his lead of course — it’s all a matter of chance. But they are always near him.

I am old now, am staring 70 in the face, and have earned the right to be eccentric. I love Nature in all her manifestations, and try to learn from Nature. I remain happily distracted by the miraculous, and Nature is full of wondrous beauties in the Montana Rockies. I moved to Montana in the summer of 2001 to escape the City of Man, (Atlanta, Georgia and Memphis, Tennessee), and I made it. I am a blessed and happy man with an urge to write about my reflections on life.

That is all this site is. There are some questions posed here, but very few answers, as I continue to search for what, after all, to think. Thus far, the greatest answer I’ve discovered for the subtle and generally unasked question facing mankind today has to do with something Thomas Jefferson once wrote — that concept of our “unalienable rights” which we derive from “Nature or Nature’s God”  when each of us is born into this world. Every political question, every governmental philosophy, every insightful query into the world of the Spirit of Life, can reduce to that one concept — Rights which are unalienable; rights which come from a higher source than any man-made government. Such rights include the right to full self-ownership and the right to self-defense. Any collective, whether corporate, religious, or governmental which would attempt to deprive one of those rights in so doing defines itself as in violation of Nature or Nature’s God.

I did not just make that up. Opie and Black Alias revealed it to me.


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