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Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff


Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, married and mother of a daughter, is an Austrian human rights and anti-sharia activist. A diplomat’s daughter, she was a child in Iran during the Islamic Revolution of 1979, and later lived in Iraq, Kuwait and Libya. During the 1990 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, she was among the Austrian citizens who were held hostage. She subsequently worked as assistant to the Vice Chancellor of the Republic of Austria, at the Austrian Embassy Kuwait, and the Austrian Embassy Tripoli, Libya.

Late in 2009 she was charged with “hate speech” under Austrian law for factually accurate assertions she made during a seminar on Islam, regarding statements in the Hadith on child marriage. “I want to preserve Europe and its democratic and secular values. Islamic doctrine discriminates against women and non-Muslims. Islamic law, or shariah, cannot be reconciled with democratic principles and universal human rights.” In 2011, she was convicted of “denigrating the teachings of legally recognized religion in Austria” in a Vienna courtroom and paid a fine. The case was later accepted for decision at the European Court for Human Rights. She now works to preserve the First Amendment and has her own weekly show on

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is a woman caught up in extraordinary times. She has been hectored, vilified, persecuted and prosecuted for the grave offense of telling the truth about Mohammed and his “marriage” to a very young child as related in Islamic sacred literature. Her case has exposed the grave danger to freedom of speech (and thus, freedom of thought itself) in Europe. She fought bravely in the legal arena through the Austrian courts and on to the European Court of Human Rights to defend her freedom (and by extension the rights of all Europeans), to freely voice her opinion. She lost.

In Europe, human rights are no longer thought to be intrinsic to the individual as a gift given by God, but are rather thought to be a gift of the state, which can be limited or revoked at will.

This is a dangerous development and it could be coming to America.

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