Eric Jewell


Formerly US Army Intelligence in Central America. A researcher, writer, former church pastor, lover of the bible and biblical history. I recently founded a group st, who’s goals and functions and events are all geared to preserve and restore the American Constitution. If you join, we are “The American Constitution Restoration Party”, come join us. We are unlike most groups in that our main objective is not talking. Our objectives are carried out through targeted action. We view it important to educate our members, but education alone is not going to restore our constitution so we are putting our talk into action.

Our very first group event came as we were a week old with around 40 members. It was an educational field trip through the story of NSA and british trained and paid trolls who are placed in the comment sections of social media. It was established that they are placed in areas that are critical against the government agenda. While our first group event was a great success, at the very end of the meeting, our group discovered a brand new level of the current propaganda program that to date has not been publically revealed or reported. The sophistication of this new level is incredible, and the intent is clear. We are breaking this news through the most credible alternative news programming available, exclusively through John B Wells and Caravan to Midnight.

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