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Before contacting CTM Technical Support for a resolution to any issue you may have, please read the information below as most Caravaners have found in most instances they are able to resolve any issue themselves saving them and the technical support staff time and energy. If after going through the list below you find you can still not resolve your issue, by all means contact us.

I have not changed my password but the site will not recognize it now.

First, try clearing your cache (browsing History). Your browser may be putting in an old password. You can also test this by trying another browser ie, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

You can reset your password by going to the “my account” page and selecting the “Lost your password Link”. Enter your username or email address associated with your account and select reset password. The system will then email you a link to reset the password.


Can’t remember username.

If you can’t remember your username, try using your email address to log in or go through the forgot password process using your email address.


Can’t remember your email address.

Contact us and we can look you up in the system and retrieve your email address, please let us know what name is that you used when you signed up. You may be asked a security question. Click Here


How can I change my email address or password?

Log into your account and go to the my account page. Scroll down until you see the statement “hello Name username” and then click on the link that says edit your password and account details. Once on that page you can change the details.

NOTE: if your subscription is using PayPal as the payment method you do not want to change the email address as PayPal will not be able to complete the auto renew process and will charge your account but the system will not be able to connect that payment to your subscription. The subscription will then be put on hold.


When I log in I don’t see the Programs/Archives button or it says page cannot be found.

Go to the my account page after you log in and look at the status of your order if it says “on hold”, “canceled” or “expired” it is time to subscribe again. Click on the subscribe button and choose the plan that best fits you and rejoin the caravan.


Do you have a live program?

At this point, we do not have a program . All programs are recorded and scheduled to be posted the same day. They are listed by month in the Programs/Archive page, which is only accessible to paid subscribers.


My subscription has not run out but I have lost access.

After you log in and you do not see the archives there is an issue with your account. It may have failed the renew process. Go to the “my account” page and you will see the status of the order. Cancel the old subscription and re subscribe. If a payment went through on the old subscription contact us and we can issue a refund. Click Here


Can’t get the audio to play.

This is usually due to the browser caching all of the audio you have already played and the page is trying to load all of those in before it will let you play a new audio file. Clear your cache and it should fix the issue, if not contact us.

Click here for more info on clearing your cache.


The video won’t play on the site.

Make sure your flash player is up to date click here.


Video plays but I only hear audio.

Make sure your flash player is up to date click here. If that is not the issue you may need to turn off Accelerated graphics.

  • In IE – go to Internet Options, Advanced tab, Accelerated graphics…check “Use software rendering instead of GPU”.
  • In Chrome – in URL box type “Chrome://flags”, find “Disable hardware-accelerated video decode” – change to “disable”.
  • In Firefox – go to Options and go to Advanced. Uncheck “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available.


Do you accept Gift cards?

No, the system will only accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, check or money order. The system cannot accept gift cards as it is a subscription and is a recurring payment and gift cards have that option restricted.


How can I change my Payment Method?

Login and go the my account page and scroll down until you see your order. On the right hand side you will see “VIEW”. Click on change payment method and follow the instructions.


How can I cancel my account?

Login and go to your account page, on the right hand side  you will see several tabs starting with “Dashboard” at the top.  Click on the “Subscriptions” tab and your active subscription will show up with a view button on the left, click “view”.  You will then see the “Cancel” button.


Can I cancel the recurring payment and still have access to the account until the subscription runs out?

No if you cancel the order it will cancel the subscription as well . You will need to cancel the order/subscription the day before the next payment is scheduled. The only way to have a subscription that is not on auto renew is to subscribe using the check or money order method of payment.


I purchased an episode and I cannot find it.

When you purchase a single episode, the system sends you a link via email. Sometimes the email the system sends goes into the spam folder or just gets lost in cyberspace. Go to the site and log into your account and go to the “my account” page. Scroll down the page and look at your order, if it is complete then the link will be listed.


I have a yearly, bi-annual or quarterly subscription and it has expired.

These original subscription plans are no longer available and they will not renew, but will expire. Once this happens all you will need to do is log into your account and re subscribe using 12 month, 6 month or 3 month options. If you were charged for the old subscription contact us and we can issue a refund. Click Here


Can I get the audio as a pod cast on iTunes?

Apple will not include the audio as a podcast as it is a paid subscription. You will have to download the files to your computer and then put them into your iTunes. Once you do this, sync your device and you will be able to play them.


Where is the Forum?

The forum is no longer available at this time.


Why is the audio uploaded before the video?

The audio is uploaded first because it is the first to be produced. The video files take longer to produce as well as longer to upload so the audio will be up first, check back later for the video link.


Where do I find information about advertising on Caravan to Midnight website?

On the home page, there is a menu button called “Advertising”.


I have signed up for the Caravan to Midnight newsletter but have either never received it or stopped receiving it.

If you have not received the previous newsletters, you may find them under the “CTM Newsletter Archive” under the “News” button. Please go and sign up for the Newsletter again.


The text on your site is too small to read. Can I make it bigger?

You can increase or decrease the font size by hold down the CRTL and + or – buttons on a PC, or Command button + or – on a Mac.