Frank Valbiro


Well, Iam always very flattered when someone like Mr. Wells takes interest in talking with me, especially in John’s case,because I am such a big fan of Caravan, butI do nothave aspecialty; I do however have alove for mass communication, talk radio, and have an eclectic mix of personal interests that all make up thefoundation for my own nightly radio show.

Born in New York,introduced to performing and visual arts young, love being on stage, and between that and my love for music and sports, I fell in love with learning about History and Culture.

Been playing thedrums and writing original music inbands with my brother since 1997 (7thgrade), my brother, Anthony, is the voice and brain behind the Ten Second Songs YouTubechannel. Either way, I’m a loudmouthfrom New York who lovesthe Constitution, American History, Western Culture, Talk Radio, the Esoteric and the Great Beyond.

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