Georg Habitzreither


Georg Habitzreither is 35 years old and is from southwest Germany. More than 20 years ago he began to realize, that we are living in a world full of lies. Georg states: “I haven’t felt “right” all my life. My intention is healing. For many years I have devoted myself to “the paths to happiness” and deal with spirituality, history, technology, economics, Q, and so on”.

On May 17th, 2021 I had a vision and received a key with which we – the people – can end the Deep State Dynasty and open the gate to a new world. My vision sent me to Berlin, and I am there now, preparing everything so that the vision can come true.

The point is to dissolve the existing system. Outwardly, I am referring to Article 20 (4) of the Basic Law, our right to resistance. We can now refer to this since everything else has failed. Few people know that the Basic Law is illegitimate. But this article is also anchored in natural law and so everyone in the world is energetically invited. So, everyone can support and send energy to transform the whole world.

This is not a demonstration! This is not a rally! This is just WE THE PEOPLE!

Detached from any separation. No symbolism. No division.
All united with the same goal: Happiness, Freedom, Justice, and Unity.

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