Gina Jernukian


Gina Jernukian is founder and President of the 501 (c)(3) non-profit, Soul Survivor Inc. She has over ten years of cosmetic and permanent tattoo, and tattoo lightening and removal experience. Her journey through the tattoo industry helped her understand some of the ways tattoos can have a negative impact in the wrong hands. Her heart for helping those in need eventually lead her to start a non-profit Soul Survivor Inc. Soul Survivor Inc. is on a regional and nationally focused outreach mission that helps survivors of sex-trafficking and gang affiliation overcome the pain of their past by lightning and removing “branding” tattoos. By eliminating painful reminders of their tragic circumstances, Gina hopes to encourage and promote healing in survivors.

In many of the recent stories about Epstein and NXIVM we have heard so much about branding, tattooing and marking. Gina and her company understand that the first step to emotional healing can sometimes be a physical healing.

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