Graham Moore


Graham Moore is an English Constitutionalist and English rights advocate includingthe English Bill of Rights – The Right to keep and bear arms. Restraint of trade doctrine – the right to earn a living.

Graham warns people about the British Establishment and their continued attack on the USA, why they attack the USA, how and who attack the USA, why England is a captive Nation the last significant colony of the British.

Graham speaks on the English Bill of Rights of 1688, the significance of the Whigs and Tories & the Whigs going to USA.

They formed the USA Constitution based on the English (NOT British, the British haven’t got one) the 2nd amendment came from the English Bill of Rights and the RKBA preexisted the Bill of Rights 1688. We created the English Press Association and the British MSM took us to the High Court,so we used the English Media Group. They hate to mention England. The English are the majority that the Brits seek to destroy.

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