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Greg Wyatt


I was conceived in the back room of a doctor’s office in secret in 1954. My biological father who was the donor was a university student with an extremely high IQ. It was called eugenics and I knew nothing about it until I was 28 when I found out the truth that my dad who raised me was sterilized by the Nebraska state government. He was incarcerated with no due process and sterilized against his will upon his release. Talk about screwing up your mind. My life has been a real challenge but I’ve overcame everything up to this point.

Then I had two children in 1983 and 1984 that were aborted in which I had no say. More eugenics. Then I met my wife who had some fertility issues. We tried invitro twice and it didn’t work.

We ended up adopting Weston and Emily, who joined our family in 1998 and 1999.

They were then damaged by a pushy doctor with his vaccines and permanently disabled. More eugenics.

I’ve been battling with my cotoxin poisoning. High levels of glyphosate. High levels of heavy metals, etc etc etc.

I have so far overcame cancer and a myriad of other b******* this world has dealt me. I am an overcomer and do not give up easily.

Please do not suggest treatments or detoxification methods. I’ve done most all of them which has kept me alive so far.

Everyday is an extreme challenge.

One of the biggest stressors is what happens to Weston and Emily when we are no longer able to take care of them?

Also, the current Covid fiasco which I consider a fake pandemic. Wearing masks only makes it worse. This is all Agenda 21 population control by the darkest spirits that have ever walked on this planet.

Just remember that Jesus is Lord! If it wasn’t for him, I would have checked out many, many years ago. Trust me, if I can overcome this so far, you can overcome anything!

I used to have 30,000 followers on Facebook, but my message was too strong and I was eliminated because of my truth.

This website serves as a method for me to express my truth as I, and my family, have experienced in detail… and hopefully without being deplatformed.

God bless us all!


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