Written Material

27 books in print – “Hitler in Argentina” is a best seller. Three books in the “Hitler Escape” trilogy, two books on WW II aviation history, 13 books on WW II U-Boat history etc. I also publish a magazine nine times annually on the above topics.

Harry Cooper


Best selling author, world expert on the escape of Adolf Hitler and thousands of the 3rd Reich to South America.  Also world expert on the history of the German U-Boat war.  I am in Germany and Austria twice each year since 1988 and have conducted ten expeditions to South America for information for these books.  My books have no footnotes because I do not copy other people’s works – my books are results of personal interviews and visits to places important to the work.  In short; they are all from ‘Boots on the ground’ and personal experience, not by reading the works of someone else.  They copy my work.

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