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James Gilliland

518HK25KJCLBecoming Gods 2

The purpose of this book is to bring understandings to Humanity and the Earth in preparation for exciting times of tumultuous social, economic and physical Earth changes. It is also to prepare you for a grand reunion with your ancient ancestors, the star nations and the very God of your being. These understandings are necessary for enlightenment, which means to be in knowledge of the whole truth, both sides of the coin. Knowing the truth of your past, which has made you what you are today, will break the spell of forgetfulness and allow ancient memories to come forward. Knowledge and memories have been supressed life time after life time. This is the place where all the pieces of the puzzle come together for courageous souls which desire to wake up, remember their Divinity, their ancient origins, regain their power and take a quantum leap in consciousness. Those who desire to remain in their comfort zones, social consciousness and cling to the recycled ignorance of the past, the religious dogma, scientific dogma, superstitious beliefs and perpetuated half truths will struggle with these understandings. Yet one by one as these understandings begin to unfold, as truth always does, the struggle will give way to enlightenment. It is unavoidable in the days to come.

May unconditional love, joy, peace, individual freedom and prosperity reign supreme. May this be a tool to get you there.

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