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James Robert Deal


I bike almost every day – even in the dead of winter. I often go biking at night, with flashing lights on front and back. The neighborhood streets are mostly deserted at night and safer. The air is cleaner too. Our neighborhood is hilly, so it is an excellent workout, much better than jogging. And easier on the knees. Because of our hills, biking involves sprinting and then coasting, sprinting and then coasting.

When I am not modifying mortgages or brokering real estate, I am often gardening.

I am happily married to a devoted wife who also works as my secretary. She is smart and has movie star good looks. This is one case where it is legal to flirt with the secretary. So if I were by some stroke of good luck elected to office, don’t worry about me misbehaving with other women.

After work I often spend hours blogging on the perverse practice of adding lead leaching dental chemicals to our drinking water. That is the first issue which motivated me to get involved in politics. I am in contact with lawyers, scientists, and ordinary people throughout the United States and other countries where this vice is practiced, including Ireland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand. I collaborate with a science adviser who is a chemistry professor in San Diego. I publish a lot of his articles, some of them peer reviewed.

I am the proud author of a foodways book. It is about the history, ethics, and even the theology of food. Yes, many great religious leaders of the past were concerned about how we get food affects our health, animals, and the environment.

Read an overview of the book, which is entitled What to Serve a Goddess When She Comes for Dinner. Read about my reasons for writing it. It is available through Amazon.

My mother Elizabeth Deal spent her last five years with us and died at age 90. I was sitting beside her bed when she died in 2007.

I have four and a half college degrees. I have undergraduate majors in Psychology from Western Washington University and in Religion from Harding College. I have a minor in Business and Economics, an M.Ed. degree in Psychology from Western and a law degree from the University of Washington. And I went half way through divinity school, studying at Abilene Christian University and Anglican Theological College in Vancouver BC.

Lawyering and mortgaging are what pay the bills, but it is music that keeps me sane. My father had the same name as I have . He was Jimmie Deal the musician. He was a singer and drummer in a Dixieland band during the 1930s. I always have a melody running through my head, and I thank Dad for that.

Read more biographical information about me at:

Fluoride Class Action web site

Mortgage Modification Attorney web site

If you have read this far, I hope you have concluded that I am a responsible person who will not do things which will sully the reputation of our county as Aaron Reardon did.

In my work for the County, I will regard the County as my client. I will consider it as a part of my law practice. I will have a fiduciary relationship with the county. I will not seek side deals and profit for myself. I will put the interests of the county above those of myself.

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