James Topp


James Topp is a current serving soldier who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for 28 years. James is in the process of being released and as such is a unique case of a current serving member engaging in peaceful protest openly. The Canada Marches team, and Canadians have come to know James as a man with great; humility, integrity, drive, leadership, and a desire to serve. Canada is getting to know him as well along the road.

James is keen to protect his mindful integrity by questioning the orders he is being given. He believes in, and talks about, rising above the classification of thoughts. He is keen to avoid identity politics, talking in circles about how we got here, and wants to implore solutions as well as open dialogue. He is often heard saying some version of:

“Can’t we all just have respect and compassion for each other, and call it a day?”.


We rise to serve Canadians with honesty, respect and compassion, for the purpose of reuniting our people. We do this, with the intention of ensuring our government upholds the laws that support Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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