Jamie Scher


Jamie Scher and Jill Myer met in law school.  After law school they each worked at different law firms where they represented union members.  They got experience in Family Law, Civil Practice, Real Estate and Estate Planning.  They both found a love for Adoptions.  Jamie and Jill left their respective firms and formed Myer and Scher, LLP to practice primarily Domestic Adoption Law.  That was more then 20 years ago.  What makes their practice so special is that they care about each case like its their own family.  They hold their client’s hands throughout the entire process.

Myer and Scher, LLP is a firm that will make you say to your friends and family, “I really like my attorney!”  A major reason is that Jill and Jamie pride themselves in charging their clients for the task, not by the hour.  Its effective because everyone knows ahead of time what to expect.   There are no surprises. 


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