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Jason Shurka, Founder, Unifyd Healing + Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Founder EES technology:


Video from Discovery Channel’s “Pulse on America”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWIL9PQ4HOI

Research / Peer Reviewed Studies: https://www.eesystem.com/research/

Testimonials: https://unifydhealing.com/testimonials

Video testimonials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbCawdNn-Zs&t=3s

Jason Shurka


The words “trust the science” and “follow the science” may be dubiously familiar phrases to many. Just exactly what did these flippant tag lines mean, coming from those who have been experimenting in the dark with our bodies, minds and trust? The results of their science seems to now indicate ; those who have been the most vocal users of these mottos remain permanently attached to mounting evidence of their own well proven, harmful, and even lethal experiments.

Meanwhile, some actual “wellness proven”, healthy medical innovation and verifiable information is coming from some other courageously un-compromised doctors; Those who have truly demonstrated “doing no harm”, staying in the light and who have seen true healing, measurable and healthy results. Many of these positive results are strangely not being mentioned, promoted or even scrutinized within our legacy media outlets …why is that?

Jason Shurka was a highly successful real estate broker in New York City but realized there was more to his passion. In March of 2022, Jason was introduced to a woman named Dr. Sandra Rose Michael – the inventor of the Energy Enhancement System. This technology, which looks like television screens emitting rainbow static, assists the body in cellular regeneration on every level. The results are proven, accelerated holistic healing in many different applications.

After experiencing profound results from the Energy Enhancement System, Jason himself was inspired to spread the word about this incredible technology and make worldwide healing part of the UNIFYD mission. In June of 2022, Jason established UNIFYD Healing, a network where all Energy Enhancement System locations could be featured in one convenient place. The goal is to use the funds generated by UNIFYD Healing centers to fund more of this technology and to install it in countries that cannot afford it.

In less than 6 months, UNIFYD Healing has grown to over 100 locations around the globe and more are opening every week. The goal of UNIFYD Healing is to have centers open and operating in every major city worldwide by 2025, while at the same time using the network to promote initiatives towards donating this technology for free, to countries that need it most.

Seeing is believing and hearing the trusted testimonials of several prominent doctors who have ridden with the Caravan, and upon the Ark, include many health experts that Jason has also appeared with; Charlene & Ty Bollinger’s, “The Truth About Cancer” series and the “Brave” series. And there’s several others we have on call; Dr’s. Ryan Cole, Bryan Ardis, Carrie Madej, Jane Ruby, Edward Group, Lee Merritt, Christiane Northrup, Judy Mikovits, Peter McCullough, Stella Immanuel, Thomas Renz, Ann Vandersteel, and more.

Dr. Carrie Madej is someone who can attest to the effectiveness of Energy Enhancement therapies on a personal note, as well as a clinical one. After being critically injured in a recent plane crash that remains surrounded with more mysteries than Roswell, and after personally overhearing emergency medical staff speculate on her imminent paralysis, her personal testimony and healing journey as a patient and a doctor treated by EES, is nothing less than miraculous.

This information is well worthy of being a priority to consider on anyone’s list of healthy resolutions for 2023 and under Jason’s growth plans, maybe closer to you than you know.

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