Jesse Perez Casanova


Jesse Perez Casanova is a highly impassioned S. African tech guru who has been touted by some as the next Elon Musk. Jesse has a very well entrenched background in advertising and marketing as well.  He has also created some fascinating multi use and multi -dimensional tech apps that are worthy of an entire show of their own. But he’ll perhaps tell us enough about them to let us appreciate his brilliance and creative blessings.

Many successful entrepreneurs have been inspired to create unseen or unheard of technical devices or ideas to make peoples live more convenient, more efficient or even more luxurious. Jesse’s most recent creation is something that requires very little technical or academic knowledge to appreciate.  It is simply but most profoundly; a network of humanity working to make the world a genuinely better place.  The name of that global network is called Earth United.

Jesse and Christopher have united trans-globally and are synergistically, spiritually and philosophically synched up for a battle that’s successful victory will forever positively change mankind.


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