Jody Tallal


Jody Tallal is a highly respected entrepreneur, real estate investor, author, financial manager, professional speaker and wildlife photographer, Joseph “Jody” Tallal, Jr. is a man of many talents and interests. Mr. Tallal is included in U.S. Registry’s Who’s Who in Leading American Executives and Marquis Who’s Who in Finance and Industry. He has been named an Honorary Citizen by several city mayors nationwide and has also received the President’s Medal of Merit from former president Ronald Reagan. In 1981, he served on the Chairman’s Committee of the United States Senatorial Business Advisory Board.

Mr. Tallal is the author of three books and numerous articles which have been published in major periodicals including Barron’s, Southern BankerFinancial Services Times, American Banker, Inc. Magazine, and “Southwest Airlines Magazine”. His newsest book, Billionaire Cab Driver, published by WND Books, is now available in paperback through Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and most major book seller. He is also the author of the Nightingale Conant audio/video program, Building Personal Wealth. Additionally,issues of his popular newsletter Tallal’s Tips are available to read here . As a highly regarded financial expert, he has been the featured guest on dozens of television and radio talk shows from coast to coast. He has also been the host of his own radio programs, Smart Money on AM 1190 KGBS and INVESTMENT TALK on KLIF 1190 TalkRadio.

A nationally acclaimed personal financial manager, Mr. Tallal has been an advisor to wealthy individuals for more than a third of a century. As a continuing medical education faculty member, Mr. Tallal taught financial management courses for medical professionals at the University of Texas, University of Tennessee, Tulane University and Baylor Medical School. Mr.Tallal is also the author of the Nightingale Conant audio/video program, Building Personal Wealth, has been interviewed on many radio and television shows and hosted his own financial planning radio talk show.

Over the years, Mr. Tallal has launched many successful ventures. Today, he has taken his superb planning skills and keen observations of the business marketplace and has embarked on two new entities.

Very Important Relationships, Inc.was founded on the simple truth that the best way to help yourself is to help others first. This unique, web-based business model connects consumers with over 3000 of the nation’s top online retailers, providing exclusive deals, discounts and CashBack dollars that go either directly to the shopper or to a non-profit organization which they support. VIR improves the core relationships which are critical to the survival of today’s companies and non-profit organizations by providing targeted services that strengthen the relationships between companies and their employees, businesses and their customers, nonprofits and their supporters, apartment communities and their residents, as well as real-estate agents and their customers. To find out more about Very Important Relationships, Inc. and it visit some of its Mega Malls, please click here.

A renowned real estate expert and owner of Tallal Realty Advisors, Mr. Tallal has spent the past 35 years structuring real estate investments using the highly successful strategies he personally developed to acquire strategically located tracts of retail land. He closely follows the natural cycles of real estate running from boom to bust to boom again, maintaining a contrarian mentality that has served him well. As a contrarian cyclical investor, his investment portfolio for the previous investment cycle averaged an Internal Rate of Return in excess of 60% per year.

One of Mr. Tallal’s passions is photography. A number of years ago he was commissioned by a wealthy individual from Philadelphia to create a specific photograph of a set of tiger eyes staring directly at you. The specifics of the project was that it must be in full focus from edge to edge and of such resolution that it could be blown up to 30” without any loss of detail. It took Mr. Tallal over 1,000 shots to produce the exact image his customer wanted.

This was the start of his fascination with Big Cats. In 2005, Mr. Tallal had his first photography show showcasing his BIG Cat collection. In just one night, over $7,000 worth of photos were purchased and he donated 100% of those proceeds to his favorite wildlife refuge for Big Cats. You can see Mr. Tallal’s wildlife photographs in his gallery here

Mr. Tallal has had engaged in many interesting hobbies. Besides his photography, in the past he has been a race car driver, sky diver, avid racket ball player, scuba diver and cross country motorcycle rider. Today he limits his hobbies to his greatest passion, which is his twelve grandchildren.

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