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Judge Anna Von Reitz

Born and raised in Wisconsin, educated at St. Olaf and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, started out as a Histologist—a scientist. I first became suspicious because of Nelson Rockefeller’s confirmation hearings as Gerry Ford’s Vice President. He admitted making something like $480 million and not paying a penny in federal income taxes—on CSPAN, in front of God, me, and everyone else. Say what?

I fought the IRS/Internal Revenue Service (both) for 17 years and in the process learned all the various secrets that ultimately opened up the Big Picture for me. We are not being treated as Americans, because some self-serving and self-interested crooks have committed crimes of fraud and identity theft against us and against our lawful government. It is as simple as that.

So to me, as an American, there is one Agenda. Call it Agenda 1 as an answer to the UN Corporation’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 30.

Now, understand that the UN Corporation is not the United Nations. The UN Corporation is a private, for-profit, commercial corporation chartered in France during the Second World War by the Vichy French. It’s a filthy, dangerous, criminal organization and always has been. It plays on confusing its name – “the UN” with the United Nations, which wasn’t even chartered until 1945.

Our Agenda is to reclaim our rightful names and identities and political status and correct all the public records that have been corrupted by these vermin, and since they are now bankrupt, and we are their Priority Creditors, to replace them with competent and honest employees and service providers. And sack them by the bus loads. Just pink slip the hell out of them and make them look for real jobs.

President Trump made a good start by putting a 20% tariff on Canadian Forest Products. Why? Because that will revitalize the American forest industry and give life back to American small towns— and that is a very good thing for our nation. He also cut federal kick-backs that were the funding UN Corp front organizations — SCAG (run by scags, yes) and Northern Border Regional Commission, and Appalachian Regional Commission, and Delta Regional Authority (the list goes on). These organizations were supposed to help the rural poor. Instead, they were shutting down the industries the rural poor depend on for jobs as a prelude to forcing the rural poor into large cities per UN Corp Agenda 21 and 30, where these same poor people could be murdered more efficiently as part of the planetary depopulation plan of the UN Corp—- which should be shut down immediately by the French Government as an international crime syndicate for advocating, planning, and funding mass genocide.

All it takes is about three million of us to kick them back into the sea, and a thorough cleansing of the Roman Catholic Church by its own members. It’s clear that the Church has been corrupted by exercising the pagan office of the Roman Pontiff and that it harbors cults of Satan and Isis worshipers who are pretending to be Catholics. Let’s make this perfectly clear— Satan worshipers aren’t Catholic.

They are just sneaks.

Okay, well, if that all doesn’t give you some talking points you are dead on your rumps— kindly extrapolate…..

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