Karen Champagne


Karen Champagne and Angela Alef are wives, mothers and small business owners who have been educating Louisiana citizens and officeholders while working to restore Louisiana’s government to one that is responsive to the citizens and limited by its state and federal constitutions. We began our journey together in 2009 and formed The People, LLC in 2010.

Since that time, we have:

Traveled the state educating citizens from all walks of life and political ideologies regarding the issues with which their state is faced while exposing those working against constitutional principles

Addressed numerous legislative/BESE/parish councils & committees on issues related to public-private partnerships, subsidies/redistribution, property rights, education reform, childcare, selling of infrastructure to foreign governments, and parental authority

Obtained a favorable opinion from LA’s Attorney General regarding the authority of parents to keep their children’s immunization records out of the Universal Database and to have those records removed if already in the database

Assisted in halting the passage of an ordinance designed to create Transferable Development Rights pertaining to private property

Filed an Amicus Brief (pro se) which was accepted by the LA Supreme Court in the lawsuit against Gov. Jindal’s voucher legislation. The Supreme Court sided with the Constitution and with our Amicus in ruling ACT 2 unconstitutional

Drafted a House Resolution in 2011 (HR 82) which was passed and which called for an audit of the childcare system in LA

During LA’s 2014 legislative session, The People, LLC drafted three pieces of legislation which passed unanimously through all committees and chambers and were signed into law. This legislation provides for:

Parental Access to Instructional Materials (Act 436)
Control of Curriculum, Content and Methodology by local school districts (Act 532)
The Strongest Student Data Privacy Law In The Nation (Act 837)

“Cleaning Up Government” requires supplies at full-strength and quite a lot of elbow grease! We have won some important battles and your support of our efforts will make it possible for us to win many more!

Donations to The People, LLC are not tax deductible. As a result, your donation will remain a private matter.

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