Written Material

Commentaries Published:  Fed.Agency Harms Children/Violates Rts of Christians-SAMSHA

Conversation/Reparative Therapy

Affirmation Therapy-Gender Transitioning

When the State refuses to protect Life

When the StateKills-Alfie

Minnesota ‘Nice’

No Justice for Justine

Three Conservative Speech Venues shut down in Wisconsin

First Amendment Freedoms Under Attack

Assault on our First Freedoms

Sing a little Louder, Churches!

Turkish Ottoman Caliphate Resurrected

Sharia-lite for American Women

American Feminists Partnering with Islam to Bring Sharia to America

The Marriage of Female Islamists and Marxist Movement

Why the Intentional Non-Assimilation of Muslim Refugees

Huma Abedin’s Ties to the MuslimBrotherhood and their influence of U.S. domestic and foreign Policy

Contending for the Faith


Karen Mueller


Karen Mueller is a Christian Attorney.  She is a wife, mother and grandmother.  She is active politically, legislatively and legally.

Her main practice areas involve Sanctity of Life issues, Religious Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Right of Conscience and other Civil and constutitional rights  as they extend into the work place or the world in general.

She is a commentator/writer and a speaker on topics such as the Refugee Resettlement Crisis in America; The Muslim Brotherhood’s Civilization Jihad-Intheir Own Words through the “Explanatory Memorandum”;   Organ harvesting from the unborn; Abortion; Gender Transitioning and the Use of Puberty Blocking Hormone and the dangers; The indoctrination of Children in schools, public libraries and colleges.

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