Kathryn Robbins


Kathryn R Robbins is a freelance writer and #1 best-selling author, speaker and personal development coach with more than three decades experience mentoring survivors of various types of trauma. She draws from her extensive wisdom birthed throughout years of healing and transformation work as she sought to overcome the challenges of spending her childhood ritually abused. She endured 13 years of child sex and child pornography trafficking in the hands of extended family members involved in organized crime. Those crimes included trafficking other children for sex and pornography, as well as drugs worldwide. The crimes involved the dark underworld of Satanic Ritual Abuse where occult worship of Satan is used to torture and program children for future use if they survived. Her escape is nothing short of miraculous as is her not succumbing to the severity of programming designed to manipulate or destroy victims mentally.

Kathryn revolutionized her life from the inside out and now spends her life pursuing avenues to help others do the same. She’s appeared on CBS, CTV (Canada) and various radio shows throughout North

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