Katie G


Katie Griffith was born and raised in New Jersey. She is USAF Veteran and served at Travis AFB California right after High School in 1986 until 1989 and
received an Honorable Discharge.

Katie G started her own company 4 years ago as a Social Media Marketer working from home, specializing in marketing service based businesses. She also create websites for small service businesses.

Katie started YouTube reporting on Qanon and Spygate on December 15, 2017.

https://youtu.be/WcGmPQLhS-g but it was a hit for a newbe to YouTube.

Katie is a PATRIOT, a proud TRUMP supporter, and Q Anon Beliver, but she never hesitates to follow the truth, no matter where that leads. Katie states “I am not a “cult” member regarding Q Anon. My ultimate truth is JESUS CHRIST and HIM ONLY and I have been a Christian for 30 years.”

Katie G joined us on Ark Midnight last Saturday evening, August 31st and she was kind enough to budget some time to rejoin us today to dive into the important details that are reserved for our Caravaners only. We are hosting Katie as an audio feed today because we live in an era when truthtellers’ safety and the safety or their families is under constant threat and we do not wish to compromise her wellbeing.

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