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Kevin Shipp

Kevin Shipp, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officer, intelligence and counter terrorism expert, held several high-level positions in the CIA. His assignments included protective agent for the Director of the CIA, counterintelligence/espionage investigator, overseas counter terrorism operations officer, internal security investigator, assistant team leader for an antiterrorism tactical assault team, and polygraph examiner. Mr. Shipp was the program manager for the Department of State, Diplomatic Security, Anti- Terrorism Assistance global police training program. He is the recipient of two CIA Meritorious Unit Citations, three Exceptional Performance Awards and a Medallion for high risk overseas operations. He is the author of From the Company of Shadows – An expose’ on CIA operations and the abuse of secrecy. Mr. Shipp has come out to expose what he calls, “The Shadow Government,” the massive system of secrecy and money that controls the US government. He has received standing ovations for his presentation, “Constitutional Crisis in America.”