Phenomenally successful business in Libya from 2007, netted us billions of dollars in contracts, so when the “Libyan Invasion” by the US/UN/NATO war machine we became pro-active to help quell the fighting in order to fully exploit our legitimate business in Libya. We were trapped in Tripoli for 100 days then captured by Al Qaeda; sentenced to be killed, chopped-up then burned. We escaped by Divine Intervention with 3 miracles. Arriving back in Houston we were soft-killed and blacklisted by our own government which means our business was ruined our bank accounts taken (our ability to survive was removed), because we are eye witnesses to the war crimes and atrocities committed by the 250,000 US/UN/NATO mercenaries delivered into Libya, armed, trained and financed by the CIA-MOSSAD-MI6. We became whistleblowers as eye witnesses to the war crimes committed in Libya by Hillary Clinton. We were appointed as the official spokespersons for the tribes of Libya in order that the legitimate Libyan people would have a voice outside of Libya. We have provided actionable intelligence on the ground in Libya to the DIA agent (Eric Maddox) was in our home many times. We have provided raw intelligence to the FBI and CIA in our home (the CIA was brought into our home by Glenn Becks production company “The Blaze”) The CIA operative named Nikki Berrocal, told us if we did not shut up about Libya and forget everything we saw, we would have no life. At that point we began to speak to the public. We brought back from Libya with us, 240 Gigabytes of proof of the war crimes committed by Clinton and her NATO partners. We have proof that the Libyan war was started by a lie and was a false flag. We also know that Clinton and Obama have been supplying the terrorists in Libya with arms, money and mercenaries since 2011. We stay in touch daily with the tribes of Libya. The attacks on us continue to this day with the latest intrusion in our home by an armed FBI special agent on the 3rd of October 2018, at the instruction of Robert Mueller.

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