Laura Scharr


We are a grassroots group of concerned citizens who want to return confidence to the election process. Further, we are nonpartisan and aim to document the many areas of election maladministration that took place in 2020 as well as elections since then and to educate citizens and legislators.

We have been working 24/7 on our own dime and our own time since the 2020 election trying to keep our SC elections safe and secure. To do that, we have been doing Freedom of Information Act requests, digging into affidavits and information about money that was poured into our counties through Mark Zuckerberg’s CTCL (Center for Tech and Civic Life). Also, we’ve been asking hard questions, reviewing voter rolls, identifying illegitimate voters on the rolls, and examining our election management system in detail.

We have three main goals:

Convince our legislators to conduct a compliance study to verify that our election was fair, free, transparent, and secure. Focus on the “red” counties based on Seth Keshel’s heat map that lean Republican and get those worked on first. An compliance study should be something that everyone should welcome to ensure that we have faith and trust in our elections.

Return to paper ballots and poll books. It has been proven time and time again that our election management systems can be penetrated. The only way to protect against that is to return to a paper ballot system. The technology exists now where we can use block chain technology to ensure that each vote can be tracked and verified. Absentee balloting should be kept to an absolute minimum and strong proof of voter ID should be instituted and enforced.

Clean the voter rolls and reform our registration process. Currently we use information from the ERIC system to move people from active status to inactive if they move or die, however, this system is not working well. We continue to see people in both categories who are still active and who are voting. This whole process needs to be revamped and the registering to vote should include verification of all appropriate paperwork to confirm legal voting status.

Our team has been working together for almost 2 years as an intact team on our own time and our own dime. We are the election experts in South Carolina.

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