Lena Pu


Mother of two teenagers


Project Manager of environmental restoration habitat for the Corps of Engineers

Freelance design consultant for architecture and landscape architecture


Environmental Health Consultant with the National Association for Children and Safe Technology

Collaborated with other EMF/RFR experts, scientists and MD’s on write-ups, interviews and projects

Researcher developing blood study with EMF/RFR scientists

Guest lecturer at the University of Davis discussing biological impacts of microwave radiation on health and environment

Educated several school districts both public and private on the dangers of wifi and wireless electronic use in schools and proposing safe alternatives and responsible technology use

Lobbied against CA AB 57, elimination of landlines, & SB 649, gave public testimonies, writing legislations, meeting with public officials, mayors, attorney generals

5G Project Lead for the InPowerMovement and authored a 5G and Internet of Things related Notice of Liability (NoL) that is planned to be made available globally and in several languages.

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