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Sufficiency Financial Literacy

Bou jou huis op die rots (Build your house on the rock) – Leadership Guide for the

         Youth of Today

Lenè van Wyk


Being in the direct marketing and social entrepreneurship industry for 32 years, I saw many things, learnt many things, experienced many things and experimented with many things.  I guess that’s how life has formed me and built my character.  But at the end, after all my journeys, what remained behind was my passion for people…..I want to be a difference maker.

This book, “Sufficiency Financial Literacy”, will be helpful to parents with children of all ages.  The contents of the book will cover the child’s very important foundation e.g. who am I, my dreams and goals, daily chores, etc.  Once we have a solid foundation, then only can we start with the financial literacy.

I invite parents and their children to work through the book as a team. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Be patient with your child/children … remember that Rome was not built in one day, but everyday stones were laid.  You need to keep your focus on the end result.  All the information in this book are applicable to the whole family.


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