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Louis Manzo


Louis Manzo (born February 28, 1955, in Jersey City, New Jersey) is an American Democratic Party politician who served in the New Jersey General Assembly from 2004 to 2008, where he represented the 31st legislative district, and who ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey.

As Chief of the Jersey City Department of Health, Louis Manzo exposed corporate greed–an unscrupulous company trying to cover up chromium contamination affecting children and city neighborhoods. His efforts led to health studies for the residents and culminated in the country’s largest chromium contamination remediation project.

As a New Jersey Assemblyman, Louis Manzo sat on a special legislative committee that sponsored legislation producing the largest property tax rebate in New Jersey’s history. He also cosponsored some of the toughest anti-gang and gun violence laws in recent history. In a Resolution of tribute passed by the entire New Jersey General Assembly, Manzo’s colleagues proclaimed, “Louis Manzo is an individual of remarkable character and exceptional determination.”

Manzo now resides in Belmar, New Jersey, where he is dedicated to writing. He previously authored God’s Earth Also Cries, a novel based on the chromium contamination crisis of the 1980s, and Ruthless Ambition: The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie, a semi biography of the New Jersey Governor and Manzo’s experience with him.

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