Maggie Rose


Maggie was born into a family that she as a budding Genealogist, has so far traced her roots all the way back to her Great Grandfather who fought in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Another great-grandfather was a co-founder of Jamestown colony, and his grandson her 5x great-grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War out of Virginia. With Great Grandfathers having fought on both sides during the Civil War, Maggie has a full appreciation of her family history and the price of freedom. Maggie has a venturing spirit, perhaps coming from her maternal distant Norwegian cousin Roald E.G. Amundsen the first explorer to discover the South Pole. She is the first woman on either side of her families to join the Active Military and Later both the Army Reserves and National Guard, serving over 35 years in Boots. Her favorite assignments were as an acting First Sargent and Army Instructor. Maggie entered Active Military service near the end of the Vietnam Conflict, volunteering to help with the Pullout of our injured military. Prior to being assigned overseas to assist with the “Operation Baby-lift” she was re-routed to another overseas area, where she was when Nam Fell. She was stationed in South Korea, which was under Martial Law outside the US Army Compound Taking her Combat Medic training.

Maggie also went on to become a licensed nurse; a motivational speaker, and mediator between local, state and Federal Agencies as well as between government agencies and colleges. She was a brownie/Girl Scout leader, and troop leader for three Cub Scout dens… years later an Assistant Scoutmaster with Boy Scouts of America. Among her volunteer work with local church groups, food pantries, Maggie is a life member of Veterans of Foreign wars, serving five years as Senior vice Commander of her local VFW and JR Vice of the District 12 of the VFW.

Maggie for 20 years has hosted and co-hosted shows with the former Republic Radio International, Heritage Radio, Crusade radio, The Micro Effect, and others, as well as guest spots. Her former shows the “Concord Hour” and “New Concord Hour” gave her the inspiration to educate and inspire people to remember their history and to stand up for the principles our Founding Fathers fought for.
She raised five children as a “household engineer”, while attending college with three Associates, Nursing diploma, and Bachelor’s Degree in English and History; writing as a Free-lance journalist for such as the “Stars and Stripes” and the former “Spotlight,” now the American Free Press.

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