Major Machael Gary


Major Michael Gary CBRN expert with 15 years experience in CBRN, 25 years in military overall. (FYI-he was forced out for refusing the experimental COVID shot, has faced retaliation)


1998 Joined the Army Reserves MOS Heavy Wheel Equipment Mechanic (I am very mechanically inclined; I do most of my own work on my vehicles)

1999-2000 Converted over to the Maine Army National Guard 152nd FA Battalion MOS 13 (Cannoneer) Become BN Soldier of the Year

2001-2003 Completed long course OCS

2004 Completed Officer Basic Course for FA, graduated as the Master Gunner and awarded for it (for calling in fires) class of 150 officers

2005 Served as the Fire Direction Officer for the 152nd FA BN B Battery

2006-2007 Deployed to Kuwait/Iraq as a Escort Security Platoon Leader. Moved in the build-up of Bagdad and the Surge; my men averaged 45,000-50,000 combat miles on Iraq’s most dangerous roads.

From 1998 to late 2007, on the civilian side, I worked in the construction industry as Accounts Payable, Subconstructs Administrator Field clerk and some Project Management and I also hung steel and poured concrete. So, I’ve done it all in this industry, office and field work!

2008 Hired as the Training Officer for the 521st Troop Command fulltime position.

late 2009-2011 Hired as the Operations Officer for the 11th WMD-CST (Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team)

2009-2013 Commanded the 185th Engineer Support Company on drill weekend as dual-hatted officer while serving as the CST Operations Officer (Engineer Officer)

2012-2013- Served as the Survey Team leader for the 11th WMD CST on full-time status (Converted to Chemical Corps here)

2014-2015 Served as the Operations Officer for the 11th WMD CST a second time

2016-2019 Served as the XO/AO for the 521st Troop Command with the additional duty of the CERFP mission (CBRN Enhanced Response Force Package)

2020-2021 Served as the Deputy Commander of the 11th WMD CST

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